Day: July 9, 2015

Erasmus Plus Scholarships

This article reviews the Erasmus Plus Scholarship opportunities available to scholars. Erasmus Plus Scholarships – Background The Erasmus Programme is a European Union educational exchange program. The Erasmus Plus is the new Erasmus Program that has combined all past Erasmus Programme schemes into one comprehensive scholarship program. This new Erasmus Plus programme came into effect […] – Lists

This article provides information and details about – Background Are you in need of financial assistance to help fund your education? Are you worried that you will not be awarded enough in scholarships and that you will have to take out a dreaded student loan? If so, fear no more, there are grants […]

Scholarships for Seniors

This article reviews scholarships intended for seniors. The article will also discus about background and list of best possible Scholarships for Seniors. Scholarships for Seniors – Background It is not a common notion to think of retirees and senior citizens as wishing to return to the educational arena to complete their higher education. A surprising […]