Day: July 11, 2015

Apply for Scholarships

This article reviews what to consider when applying for scholarships. Also read general tips and advice when you apply for scholarships. Apply for Scholarships – Know What You Want When you have been accepted into a university or college remember this is only the beginning of your journey. The main objective of obtaining a degree […]

How to Apply for Scholarships

The article emphasizes the importance of scholarships and provides guidelines on How to Apply for Scholarships . How to Apply for Scholarships – Guidelines A scholarship is financial support awarded to students who have the potential to excel in certain fields of studies or embody the values and goals of the founder. It can be […]

Scholarship Myths

This article reviews some of the most common Scholarship Myths Scholarship Myths – overview There is an outstanding number of myths that surround scholarship opportunities. These myths are fueled by two different types of students: The ones who have been awarded these scholarships The ones who have not been awarded these scholarships Scholarships are designed […]

Women Scholarships

This article reviews some of the Women Scholarships available to applicants. Women Scholarships  – Importance History dictates that females, particularly older females are not normally found to have received college degrees. However, times are quickly changing and more female applicants are receiving college educations as well as taking on more promising business leadership roles. This […]

Employers Scholarships

This article reviews information pertaining to Employers Scholarships. Employers Scholarships – Overview Financial aid comes in all forms all with the same purpose, to help finance an applicant’s tuition fees and help to alleviate the stress that educational costs have on an applicant. Over the years many companies and corporations have started taking a more […]