Employers Scholarships

This article reviews information pertaining to Employers Scholarships.

Employers Scholarships – Overview

Employers Scholarships
Employers Scholarships

Financial aid comes in all forms all with the same purpose, to help finance an applicant’s tuition fees and help to alleviate the stress that educational costs have on an applicant. Over the years many companies and corporations have started taking a more active role in education and thus employer’s scholarships were created.

Employers Scholarships – List

Below is a comprehensive list of education scholarships available for qualified applicants. Each scholarship opportunity is similar as they are all awarded through different employers.


Description: The KPMG is a very well recognized accounting company that is offering this scholarship “blue print” scheme. This scholarship scheme enables the private sector the ability to financially support applicants with college or university costs.

Mr. Oliver Tant, a representative representing the KPMG as their chief of audit, reports that the approach would allow the company to isolate an intake of work environment while emphasizing social flexibility afford the UK difficulties with international competition.

Scholarship Number: This scholarship is able to accommodate up to 75 different applicants pursuing an undergraduate degree with the University of Durham located in the North East England.

Scholarship Award: This scholarship allows for full tuition fees to be covered as well as a salary grant of £20, 000 to cover two years of training. 400 places are made available each year within the company in order to recruit these bright young students.

Glaxo SmithKline

Description: The search for employer’s scholarships continues with the Glaxo SmithKline scholarship opportunity. Glaxo SmithKline is considered a pharmaceutical giant who declared scholarships available to their graduate trainees once university fees increased within the United Kingdom.

Scholarship Number: The Glaxo SmithKline scholarship is intent on helping a minimum of 100 applicants.

Scholarship Award: This scholarship covers 100% of tuition fees for undergraduates who sought enrollment in a UK institute and who have remained a constant presence with the firm for a two year duration.

United States Companies

Description: In the past the United States has had several corporations that seek to help applicants with the cost of tuition fees. Many technology and energy giants within the country work to assist applicants with educational fees.

Scholarship Awards: The following list is a review of different United States Companies that offer competitive scholarship amounts:

  • Apple: Apple offers their employees full tuition coverage as long as they are an employee of Apple
  • Chevron: Chevron is set to cover 75% of their employee’s tuition fees.
  • FedEx: FedEx offers their employees educational scholarships in the amount of at least $2,500 annually.
  • Additional companies that cover partial to full tuition fees are: Google, Dell, Gap, and Starbucks

University Scholarships

Description: Many universities around the world such as McGill University, offer their employers the opportunity to resume their educational pursuits. Employees all the way from janitorial to the registrar are able to participate in this opportunity

Scholarship Award: These scholarships allow for a small educational contribution to tuition fees.

Accounting Previsions

Employers Scholarships
Employers Scholarships

Description: Section 27 of the IRC allows for employers to offer tax free educational assistance to their employees. Employees are not able to receive cash awards and must be notified of eligibility.

Scholarship Award: These Employers Scholarships schemes promise help with tuition fees as long as the applicant remains in employment with the company.