GPA Scholarships

This article reviews GPA Scholarships.

GPA Scholarships – Background

GPA Scholarships
GPA Scholarships

GPA scholarships are scholarships that are awarded for a variety of different reasons with the main reason being the GPA or Grade Point Average. Your grade point average is an amount calculated from a point system derived by many college and universities to see how well a student is conducting themselves academically. Normal GPA ranges from 0-4.0. Generally average students will have GPA scores around 2.5 while outstanding applicants will see GPA scores over 3.0.

The Score Chart

Below is listed the grade equivalent of different American GPA ranges

  • The A Range= GPA of 3.5-4.0
  • The B Range= GPA of 2.5-3.4
  • The C Range= GPA of 1.5-2.4
  • The D Range= GPA of 0.5-1.4
  • The F Range= Anything below 0.5

GPA Scholarships – List

When searching for GPA scholarships it is important to remember that GPA is attached to many different types of scholarships.

University Scholarships

Description: University scholarships are scholarship opportunities that are awarded directly through a university or higher education institute. These school specific scholarships are awarded for a variety of different reasons with one of the main reasons being the GPA that the applicant provides. Universities look at the GPA as a representation of the type of student that you will be once you have been admitted into the program. University scholarship committees do not want to waste financial resources on applicants that are not going to perform to the high educational standards that most universities hold as standards.

Merit Based Scholarships

Description: Merit based scholarships are scholarships designed to be awarded to applicant that show outstanding merit whether that be in education or through contributions in their communities. These merit based scholarships can be awarded based off of a person’s GPA or for other reasons such as being a minority in the following groups:

  • African American
  • Women
  • First time College Attendants
  • Applicants with Disabilities
  • International applicants from underprivileged countries

Applicants can also be considered for merit based scholarships and GPA scholarships due their contributions to their communities and to the world around them.

Need Based Scholarships

Description: Need based scholarships are similar to merit based scholarships except that need base scholarships take financial hardships into consideration much more aggressively than merit based scholarships and additional GPA scholarships. Need based scholarships will take into consideration all the individuals financial hardships and then review their academic performance and make an informed decision based on those factors. Outstanding applicants that are able to perform well academically will be awarded higher scholarships because their GPA is higher and universities feel more comfortable making an investment in them as opposed to a lower GPA.

GPA Scholarships
GPA Scholarships

Need based scholarships are also one of the most restricting GPA Scholarships available. If an applicant cannot perform well academically regardless of the reason and falls below a certain GPA range these need based scholarships can immediately be revoked. It is extremely important that applicants are able to perform exceptionally when it comes to academics.