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Are you in need of financial assistance to help fund your education? Are you worried that you will not be awarded enough in scholarships and that you will have to take out a dreaded student loan? If so, fear no more, there are grants out there to help. The best part of all, these grants can be located online by the use of websites such as This website is designed to help your easily register for grants offered in the United States by state and federal government. This website is designed and marketed as one of the focal points when implemented by the government for submission of educational grants. This program is designed as a part of the president’s management agendas to help higher education. – How to Conduct Searches?

Scholars may conduct grant searches by simply typing in degree specific keywords. A few of these significant keywords could include:

  • FON: Funding Opportunity Numbers
  • CFDA: Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Numbers

Other key ways to find these grants is to narrow it down to a more specific criteria such as:

  • The offer specific program
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Sub agencies
  • Funding instruments
  • Recovery act opportunities

What Does Include?

This system offers a search on all grants making agencies that exist in the country. Applicants register for these sites once they have found the grants that they wish to apply for. This process includes filling out an application package for the grant and submitting all of the paperwork and waiting on a response.

List of Educational Services and Grant Search Programs

There are numerous different agencies and programs that utilize the services of websites such as grant search engines in order to find the perfect candidates for their specific grants.

Institute of Education Science or IES Program

Description: This grant program is awarded by the Department of Education office. The application for the grant must be electronically submitted through the e-Grants department and you must have a printed copy of all documentation. This is because if any discrepancies occur precedence will be awarded to the printed documentation. Changes can be made electronically through email notifications.

Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Services or the CSREES Program

Description: The Cooperate State Research, Education, and Extension Services is one of the largest grant awarding agencies within the United States Department of Agriculture. The intent of this organization is to help consolidate and build a strong network for its applicants. This program works to identify different online grants through websites such as It uses these different websites to establish communications and offers distribution centers that enable all areas of the agency to supply grant information.

Websites such as are specifically created to be a simple and unified source for locating, applying, and managing different grant programs and opportunities. The site puts you in touch with different federal and state funded grant programs that can be applied towards funding educational endeavors.