Merit Scholarships

This article reviews information pertaining to merit based scholarships. Also read about background, eligibility and list of best Merit Scholarships in various fields

Merit Scholarships – Background

Merit Scholarships
Merit Scholarships

Being able to attend university is a major accomplishment for many applicants but financing an education can easily become a headache waiting to happen. With the cost of college tuition steadily rising many college applicants are searching for additional ways to finance their educations. Many university students are turning to merit scholarships as a way to aid their educational debts.

Merit based scholarships are scholarship opportunities that allows certain qualified applicants the opportunity to cover partial or full tuition fees and cover other additional expenses that accumulate while students are conducting their educations.

Merit Scholarships  – Eligibility

These scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria:

Applicants who are awarded these scholarships can apply them to any degree program that they choose including sports and arts programs.

What Does the Merit Scholarships Cover?

These scholarships are intended to help ease the financial burden of tuition fees for outstanding students. These scholarships are a competition to decide who the most outstanding applicants are around the world.

These scholarships are financed through many different entities:

The List of Merit Scholarships

These scholarship opportunities are awarded to the most outstanding academically qualified applicants.

National Merit Scholarship Corporation

Description: These scholarships are awarded to students through the PSAT or the NMSQT tests. These scholarships are reserved for applicants that qualified as commended or as semi-finalists. This scholarsips program is a competition between 6,000 oustanding applicants. This is conducted through:

Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship Foundation

Description: These scholarships are awarded to applicants that have shown outstanding leadership qualities through community service and other school based activities. Applicants must have superb academic scores and should conduct themselves respectably. Applicants must have and maintain at least a GPA 3.3 and must be high school graduates.

Coca-Cola Scholarship Foundation

Description: These scholarships are awarded to outstanding high school seniors that cover the course of their upcoming undergraduate studies.

Number of Scholarships: Regional Scholarships: 200

National Scholarships: 50

Scholarship Award: Their regional scholarships award $10,000 while their national scholarships award $20,000.

Academic Scholarships from Private Institutions

Description: Private colleges and universities are notorious for offering outstanding degree programs at outstanding prices. Many private institutes of higher education offer prestigious academic scholarships based off of the applicants merit. These merit scholarships are intended to be awarded to applicants that demonstrate outstanding academics as well as a commitment to community service and volunteer works.

Merit Scholarships
Merit Scholarships

Scholarship Award: Depending on the institute the amount of financial assistance varies. For example at Davidson College freshman applicants are allowed a 10% reduction on their tuition. Many of these Merit Scholarships are renewable for a duration of four years and may cover as little as $500 or may cover the entire degree program.