PhD Scholarships

Read about best information and guidance for PhD Scholarships in various subjects and fields of studies. The article will also provide information about recognized universities to find best possible Doctorate funding

PhD Scholarships – Background and overview

PhD Scholarships
PhD Scholarships

A PhD is a common abbreviation of Doctor of Philosophy given by Universities after years of study and research. It is not a doctorate in the field of Philosophy but rather a general use of an individual’s passion for wisdom. A PhD is designed to give students imperial expertise developed from years of extensive research and move on to become professors or researchers. In order to qualify for a PhD, most universities require that students have a high standing in an Honour or Master’s degree. The program can last up to three years for a full time study or six years for part time. The length of time and the financial means to acquire a PhD makes it an unpopular higher form of education. Most students are not aware that doctorate programs these days come with PhD scholarships either by academic institutions, research councils, commercial organizations or charitable groups.

PhD Scholarships – Best Universities

Funding for a doctorate program is quite similar in different countries with very little difference. PhD funding in the United Kingdom is mostly generated by international research councils each responsible for different fields. Students in the UK also turn to their academic institution for grants. In the United States, PhD funding is not very different as aside from Fellowships by research organizations they can apply to, they also have universities that grant full funded doctorate scholarships. An addition to the means of funding a doctoral study is through Assistantships wherein students work for at least 15 hours a week. A few examples of the PhD scholarships granted by academic institutions are as follows:

Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs

The doctorate program in Princeton is a total of four years and within that time, the school will offer full funding that cover’s the students education and living expenses. The selection is based on merit. Students who are successful in attaining the full funding are expected to complete a one semester assistantship after graduating.

Boston College, Lynch School of Education

The college provides full funding of PhD students that are enrolled full-time for the first three years. It is very competitive and may be difficult to get in to. Once in, though, students will benefit from the years of research and assistantships that they can use to build their CVs and network. The funding also includes a monthly stipend and health insurance.

University of Maryland, Department of Communication

In this university, they only accommodate students who are enrolled in full time PhD programs that are already fully funded by assistantships and fellowships. As a known fact, fellowships are very difficult to get into rather than academically funded programs so it is very competitive to get it. The department instead uses their funds to collaborate with their doctorate students to support their research.

Stanford Business School

The school is committed to full funding of a business student’s PhD studies for four years through another type of PhD scholarships which is financial fellowship. Tuition fees, living stipend and even health insurance will be covered by the fellowship along with the support needed to conduct proper research and assistantships. All of which will be based on the student’s academic performance.

PhD Scholarships
PhD Scholarships

There is academic institution funding or PhD scholarships available in almost all notable universities. Often they are not widely announced so it is best to search online or contact the school directly for inquiries. These types of PhD Scholarships will not only financially help students who are passionate about learning but also expand their experience in the most enlightening way.