Scholarship Myths

This article reviews some of the most common Scholarship Myths

Scholarship Myths – overview

Scholarship Myths
Scholarship Myths

There is an outstanding number of myths that surround scholarship opportunities. These myths are fueled by two different types of students:

  1. The ones who have been awarded these scholarships
  2. The ones who have not been awarded these scholarships

Scholarships are designed like a competition. There is no luck of the draw involved. Scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Past academic history
  • Community service or volunteer history
  • Test scores
  • Interviews
  • Personal statements or scholarship essays
  • Potential for leadership and the potential to thrive

Scholarship Myth – Things that You Should Know

There are many different things that applicants should know when trying to separate myths from truth. These things are:

  1. Don’t listen to unsuccessful applicants: Unsuccessful applicants have either not been qualified for the scholarships or neglected to insure that they had everything that they needed submitted before deadlines. They will either provide bad information or misguiding information because they are bitter they were not awarded the scholarships.
  2. Successful applicants can be cruel: Successful applicants feel a sense of pride and accomplishment because they were awarded these scholarships. This is great except is causes some applicants to be overly cruel because they enjoy the bragging rights.
  3. Don’t Hesitate to Ask: While successful applicants can be cruel there are some that will still provide you with exceptional information and tips on how they won the scholarships.

Know the Scholarship Myths

Below are some of the most commonly believed scholarship myths to avoid during your search for scholarships,

  • Scholarships are only available for the poor: There are some need based scholarships that award aid to the applicants facing the most financial hardships, many top scholarships are awarded based on merit and academic success.
  • Only the smart are awarded: This is completely untrue. There are numerous scholarship opportunities available for applicants who are amongst the normal grade range. In most cases as long as applicants have GPA’s over 2.0 they will be awarded scholarships.
  • Only high school seniors are awarded scholarships: This is one of the most common scholarship myths to date. There are scholarships available for all ranges of education even vocational.
  • You’re too old to apply for scholarships: Scholarships do not care how old you are when you apply. They are looking for other criteria.
  • Weird scholarships are scam scholarships: There are some odd scholarships available and while some might be scams many scholarships that are strange actually work. If you are ever in doubt then contact the financial aid department at your university to see if they would accept the scholarship.

Scholarship Opportunities that Debunk the Scholarship Myths

Below is a list of different scholarships that are awarded for various reasons from being middle class and other similar criteria’s.

The Tall Clubs International Scholarship

Description: Applicants under the age of 21 that are over 6’2” males and 5’10” females are eligible to apply.

Scholarship Award: Applicants are awarded a one-time award of $1,000

Scholarship Requirements:

  • You must be tall
  • You must complete an essay about what being tall means to you

The Potato Industry Scholarship

Description: This scholarship is intended for applicants pursuing agribusiness specifically applicants wishing to contribute and enhance the potato industries.

Scholarship Award: This scholarship awards $10,000 to graduate student’s pursuing agribusiness.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Applicants must have conducted previous potato research

Excellence in Predicting the Future Scholarships

Description: Unfortunately, this scholarship is not for mind readers. It’s for applicants that demonstrate an outstanding ability to predict upcoming business trends.

Scholarship Award: This scholarship awards $400

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Interest in economics
  • Able to predict upcoming business and financial market trends

Alice Mcarver Ratchford Scholarships

Description: This scholarship is for undergraduate female students that are in financial hardship and do not have access to their own vehicles.

Surfrider Foundation

Scholarship Myths
Scholarship Myths

Description: This scholarship is awarded to members of the Surfrider Foundation

Aside from the above mentioned scholarships it really does pay to know the difference between scholarship truth and Scholarship Myths.