Scholarships for Graduate Students

The article examines the less known graduate education scholarships including Scholarships for Graduate Students

Scholarships for Graduate Students – Background

Scholarships for Graduate Students
Scholarships for Graduate Students

Post graduate discipline is the next academic step to achieve a master’s degree or a doctoral degree in a specific field of study. Students with a bachelor’s degree are qualified to proceed to the graduate school but similar to the previous educational level, it also requires considerable financial sacrifices. Fortunately, there are several scholarships for graduate students available that can assist them. A student’s search for a suitable academic grant should begin with a better understanding of what makes him or her eligible for endowment. Scholarships can be career-specific or college-based while some are depended on the organizations or fellowships. Evidently, these will be the basis for consideration regarding a student’s application.

Scholarships for Graduate Students – Lists

College-based scholarships tend to focus on applicants who had previously graduated from a certain academe or a break in the fees for new students. An example would be the 15% percent reduction provided by Stanford University for graduate students who are members of the Stanford Alumni Association. Career-specific grants highly regard applications that have a clear career path that may or may not be beneficial for the sponsor. Fellowships specifically fund a graduate discipline with the expectation that awardees will become expert in the field of research. Professional organizations, on the other hand, aim to provide assistance to students pursuing the same profession in the hopes of becoming another functioning member of the organization. Finding the right academic grant is the key to be successful in the chosen graduate degree.

Rockwell Dennis Hunt Scholastic Award

This is a college-based scholarship by the University of Southern California wherein only applicants with a Bachelor’s degree acquired in the USC are eligible. Applicants must also have three years of undergraduate work under their belt and currently enrolled on a Master’s or Doctoral degree in the university. The award is valued at $2,500.

The Applegate-Jackson-Parks Future Teacher Scholarship

The program is one of the career-based scholarships for graduate students initiated in honor of three public teachers namely Carol Applegate, Kay Jackson and Anne Parks. Every year, a $1000 grant is awarded to one graduate student with an education major. The applicant must be able to show that she or he is capable of completing the program and in acquiring a teaching license afterwards.

Folger Shakespeare Library Fellowship

This is one of the scholarships for graduate students based on merit and gives a whopping stipend of $50,000 for nine months. The fellowship targets applicants whose research can intensively contribute to the advancement of the institute. Eligibility to the fellowship is quite sophisticated as it requires applicants to a have Ph.D and a teacher in the U.S. institutions for three years.

Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund

The ABA grant is an example of professional organization grant. It was initiated by William G. Paul in order to encourage aspiring graduate students to take up law. The program awards $5,000 to successful college applicants with a possibility of renewal every academic year. Although it highly encourages applications from the ethnic minority, their financial needs, background, community service work and personal statement will take precedence in determining the awardees.

The Worldstudio AIGA Scholarship Program

This program was created by the Professional Association for Design formerly known as the American Institute of Graphic Arts to assist design students who are financially disadvantaged. It provides an endowment of $2,000 to $3,000 to graduate students who embody commitment for positive change in the community. To be eligible, applicants must be a citizen of the United States, enrolled in a graduate degree for design, a 2.0 GPA and preferably of minority status.

Scholarships for Graduate Students
Scholarships for Graduate Students

Although, Scholarships for Graduate Students are not well-known, they are by no means inferior or lacking in providing sufficient financial aids to their scholars. It is noteworthy to state that most of these scholarships have been successfully funding graduate disciplines for decades.