Scholarships For Single Mothers

The article explains the importance of education to single mothers and how they can attain it. Read about background and best possible list of Scholarships For Single Mothers

Scholarships For Single Mothers – Background and overview

Scholarships For Single Mothers
Scholarships For Single Mothers

It is not easy to be a single working mother in today’s economic crisis. Not only do they have make sure that the needs of their children are met, they also need to strive to keep the family’s finances afloat. Unlike several years ago, a high school graduate can easily qualify for a job that is sufficient to raise a family. Nowadays, single parents are lucky enough to earn compensation close to minimum wage. Decent and well-paying jobs always require years of experience or a college diploma. This is something single mothers barely have because probably up until last month, they were up to their necks in child care, household chores and low-paying employment. Still, they know that the only way for them to make their monetary situation better is to go back to the university and earn sought after degrees. Sadly, that always entails spending money. Thankfully, there are scholarships for single mothers available to assist them in their pursuit.

Scholarships For Single Mothers – List

Believe it or not, so many women have been where they are and understand how difficult it can be to juggle everything. With these scholarships, single mothers have one less problem to be anxious about and they can effectively channel their attention back to their families and studies.

The Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation

In honor of Patsy T. Mink, the foundation was established in 2003 to continue her commitment for equality in education especially for low-income women and children. In 2014, the foundation will grant 5 scholarships for single mothers with $5000 each providing they meet the following criteria:

The grants given by the program can be used for either living or learning expenses.

Linda Lael Miller Scholarship

The scholarship was initiated by the best-selling author, Linda Lael Miller, in 2001 to help unconventional students pursue their educational aspirations in the hope of bettering their situation. For the year 2014, the program will be awarding 10 $1000 scholarships for single mothers of different backgrounds struggling to make ends meet with their current income. Similar to the PTM grant, this financial aid can also be used for child care and transportation. To be eligible, one must be:

Jeannette Rankin Fund Scholarships

The first JRF academic grant was $500 to one woman in 1978. It was instituted to assist mature women who work and study at the same time. Since then the number of beneficiaries had grown to 85 with an academic grant of $2000 each. The following are the criteria for eligibility:

Scholarships For Single Mothers
Scholarships For Single Mothers

There are numerous Scholarships for Single Mothers all over the world that can help. Single mothers can start their search for the best academic endowment online through schoolsoup. It is never too late to pursue for sufficient compensation and suitable benefits.